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HomeCareQuote enhances the quality of care your home care agency provides, increases revenue earned, and helps streamline operations for better outcomes.

I love that my Mom has someone that’s been matched to suit her needs. It gives me that peace of mind I’ve been searching for, we’re super happy!

Kathy K

Knowing my skills and passions match with my client improved my work-life dramatically. I take pride in what I do and I know I’m doing well.

Jada S

It’s not understating to say that our ability to keep annual caregiver turnover under 30% is a direct result of using HomeCareQuote.

John H
The ecosystem of the home care industry.

The Home Care Solution for Client Pricing, Caregiver Compensation, and Streamlining Agency Operations.

Client Benefits

  • Clients receive consistent care, with scheduled reassessments.
  • Clients and families are educated and empowered regarding intensity of care needs and changes in care needs.
  • Clients appreciate the transparency of the pricing model.
  • Clients understand what type of care they are receiving and why.
  • Clients instantly understand why your agency is the best choice for their home care needs.

Caregiver Benefits

  • Appropriately compensated based on client care needs.
  • Better compensation based on their skill level and longevity of employment/experience.
  • More caregiver retention opportunities for the agency with career ladder options.
  • Opportunity to work with clients that best meet their skill-set.

Home Care Agency Benefits

  • Steady pricing model used by all office staff.
  • Consistency with messages regarding care and pricing.
  • Operational changes that help with communication, reporting, and education for services.
  • Remove inefficiencies from the workflow that decrease revenue.
  • Decrease caregiver turnover by better compensation adjustments and opportunities for more pay.

HomeCareQuote Improves the Overall
Client & Caregiver Experience

Be the agency that both clients and caregivers want to work with.

HomeCareQuote is the first of its kind AI technology that will set the industry standard for patient care and education, employee training and compensation, Agency best practices, compliance, and profitability.

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