Who We Help

The Home Care Solution for Pricing, Care Professional Compensation, and Streamlining Operations.

Client Benefits

  • Clients receive consistent care, with scheduled reassessments.
  • Clients and families are educated and empowered regarding intensity of care needs and changes in care needs.
  • Clients appreciate the transparency of the pricing model.
  • Clients understand what type of care they are receiving and why.
  • Clients instantly understand why your agency is the best choice for their home care needs.
  • Appropriately compensated based on client care needs.
  • Better compensation based on their skill level and longevity of employment/experience.
  • More care professional retention opportunities for the agency with career ladder options.
  • Opportunity to work with clients that best meet their skill-set.
  • Steady pricing model used by all office staff.
  • Consistency with messages regarding care and pricing.
  • Operational changes that help with communication, reporting, and education for services
  • Remove inefficiencies from the workflow that decrease revenue.
  • Decrease care professional turnover by better compensation adjustments and opportunities for more pay.
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