Care Professionals

Increase Compensation. Retain Care Professionals.

How HomeCareQuote Helps Care Professionals

Dynamic Care Professional Compensation Options

Care Professional Will Better Understand the Care Needs of the Client

Enhances Care Professional Opportunities for Professional Growth

Increases Care Professional Retention

Offer Care Professionals more opportunity for growth, more compensation, and better understanding of care needs. Retain more Care Professionals using the HomeCareQuote formula.

HomeCareQuote Has a Meaningful Effect on Care Professionals

Care Professionals Understand the Care Needs of the Client

When a quote is generated, a care needs assessment is also generated. Everyone on the team has access to the information. Therefore, Care Professionals in the home have a specific understanding of the care needs of the client. Everyone works from the same plan of care. 

A client can be reassessed every 90 days (or based upon your state regulatory requirements), if there is a change of condition or your specific agency rules, a new quote is generated, and a new plan of care is available to the Care Professionals. The client may have more care needs, or less care needs as time goes on. 

The client may need a Care Professional who has more experience and skill level with, for example, Parkinson’s disease, or mobility issues. That client may be paying more per hour for services because their care needs are greater. Their Care professionals may be compensated at a higher hourly rate because they have an advanced set of skills or experience with this type of care.

Dynamic Care Professional Compensation Options

Every time a new HomeCareQuote is generated, the home care agency has the opportunity to adjust the hourly rate based on the care needs of the client.

If the client’s care needs increase, as they most often do, the hourly compensation to the home care agency changes.

This means that the hourly compensation to the Care Professionals can change as well.

Instead of a static rate of pay for Care Professionals, more complicated cases = better compensation. This gives Care Professionals the incentive to gain more experience, increase their knowledge base, and ask for more complicated cases.

Enhancing Care Professional Opportunities for Professional Growth

Dynamic Care Professional compensation options will lead to a direct correlation between a structured career ladder model and Care Professional satisfaction.

When a home care agency has the ability to implement a career ladder or provide Care Professionals with growth opportunities through training or additional schooling, they retain the best care professionals.

Giving Care Professionals the opportunity to become certified, or go back to school for their LPN, RN, or other skills, is a win for the home care agency and the Care Professionals.

Increases Care Professional Retention

All of these benefits from a better understanding of care needs, to dynamic Care Professional compensation, to enhanced opportunities for growth lead to better Care Professional retention.

The Care Professional knows they are working for a home care agency that has their best interest in mind, one that cares about their future, and one that compensates them better than any other agency in their area.

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