Clients and Families

Improved Client Experience From Cost to Care.

How HomeCareQuote Helps Clients and Families

Sets Client Expectations and Care Planning Process

Provides Transparent Pricing for Services

Establishes ‘Base’ Care Plan for Client and Family

Aligns Client and Agency with a Differentiated Level of Service

Offer clients and families more education, transparent pricing for services, better care planning, better care professionals, and help them understand why your home care agency is different.

HomeCareQuote Defines Care for Clients and Families

HomeCareQuote Helps Home Care Agencies Get More Home Care Clients by Providing the Educational Tools Required to Help Families Understand the Cost of Care. Learn More.

Set Client Expectations for Cost and Care

When a quote is generated, a care needs assessment is also generated. The client and family receive a copy of the quote. They can clearly understand the amount of care needed, and the corresponding fees associated with that level of care.

A client can be reassessed every 90 days (or based upon your state regulatory requirements), if there is a change of condition, or your specific agency rules. The original quote identification is entered and a new quote, with the updated care conditions are entered, and a new quote is generated with an updated plan of care. The client may have the same care needs, more care needs, or less care needs as time goes on. 

The client may need a care professional who has more experience and skill level with, for example, Parkinson’s disease, or mobility issues. That client may be paying more per hour for services because their care needs are greater. 

Provides Transparent Pricing for Services

When the home care quote process is implemented at the very beginning of onboarding a new client and family, they understand the hourly rate, the base plan of care, and that the rate might change if care needs increase.

A client can be reassessed every 90 days (or based upon your state regulatory requirements) if there is a change of condition, or your specific agency rules.

Every time a new HomeCareQuote is generated, the home care agency has the opportunity to adjust the hourly rate based on the care needs of the client.

If the client’s care needs increase, as they most often do, the hourly compensation to the home care agency changes.

HomeCareQuote Helps Home Care Agencies get more home care sales by providing a home care price quoting software that changes how home care is sold and educates the client.

Establish a Care Plan for Clients and Family

A care plan allows the family to clearly understand the daily goals and objectives for the client’s care and safety. Sharing a written plan of care keeps the family and the care professionals on the same page, with the same goals in mind, all working toward a common goal. 

When clients and family are involved and receive regular communication, customer satisfaction increases. 

Communicating changes in the plan of care or care needs helps the family know that the home care agency is always on top of their loved one’s care. 

When regular assessments are completed every 90 days, (or based upon your state regulatory requirements), if there is a change of condition, or your specific agency rules, the clients and families appreciate the reassessment and the communication of those results. This also increases customer satisfaction.

Aligns Agency and Client with Differentiated Level of Service

What makes your home care agency different from the dozens of competitors in your area?

HomeCareQuote helps define your agency and shows the difference between your agency and everyone else.

How Does HomeCareQuote Help Define Your Agency with Clients and Families?

  • Your home care agency pairs correctly qualified care professionals with the care needs of the client.
  • Your home care agency charges based on care needs of the client, not the same rate for all.
  • Your home care agency reassesses care needs on a regular basis. Others may not do that unless their state requires reassessments.
  • Your home care agency pays their care professionals based on caseload and skill level. There are opportunities for advancement and professional development.
  • Your home care agency provides transparent open communication regarding care and fees for services.
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