Home Care Agencies

Define Your Agency. Increase Your Revenue.

How HomeCareQuote Helps Home Care Agencies

Enhances Client Satisfaction and Care Professional Satisfaction

Manages Client and Care Professional Expectations with Regards to Pricing and Pay

Enhances and Organizes Operations

Improves Top and Bottom Line Revenue

Imagine if you could gain valuable insights from an online application to help you improve revenue, improve quality of care, and improve care professional satisfaction. That’s what HomeCareQuote can do for home care agencies.

Immediate Benefits of Using HomeCareQuote

A Better Customer Experience

Home care agencies will see a more defining experience of explaining what the potential clients’ conditions are, which helps educate the client and family. This leads to an interactive conversation between the agency and the people pursuing care. 

More Defined Levels of Care

Care levels are created by the algorithms in the system, the processes, and the artificial intelligence used to drive the platform.  This will ensure that the care compensation is properly defined, which increases the home care agency’s bottom line. 

Automatic Increase in Profitability

Because accurate care needs are established along with accurate compensation for care, there is a lift in profitability with both a top and bottom-line impact. 

  • Drives increased profits and valuation for home care agencies of all
  • Lowers overhead costs and employee attrition.
  • Increases Agency productivity, profitability, and valuation of the business.
  • Applies real-time pricing based on the client care plan.
  • Provides scheduled reassessment tool to remain compliant.

Better Pay for Care Professionals, Increased Retention

The home care agency will then have that increased compensation to determine where that goes best to support the agency. Some of it should be directed towards the care professional who has the proper skills and defined capabilities to be able to handle the client’s needs.

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