Our Solution

HomeCareQuote is a unique software solution for Home Care Agencies.

Created for Home Care Agencies by a Veteran Home Care Agency Owner

How It Works

HomeCareQuote addresses the needs of the client, the home care agency, and the care professional through a 5-Step Process.

The ecosystem of the home care industry.


The HomeCareQuote 5-Step Process

5-Step Process

The 5-Step Process

Watch The Video Demo, Or Scroll Down to View Step-By-Step

Step 1: Potential Client Intake

Begin by answering a few client intake questions.

Step 2: Care Needs

Capture all of the information relevant to the care needs, the environment where the care will be provided, and the interest of that client.

Step 3: Safety

Capture safety information regarding the care environment. 

Step 4: Additional Notes

Add any additional notes.

Step 5: Review

Review Inputs and Process Quote

  • The potential client and quote are assigned a unique identification number.
  • The agency receives a completed PDF of the quote.
  • The potential client receives an email that they will be receiving their quote, and that the home care agency will be following up on their care needs.
Example of the completed PDF of the quote the agency will receive.
Example of the email that will be sent to the customer.
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