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All About Home Care Quote- Who We Help, Who We Are, and the 5 Step Process

All About HomeCareQuote - Watch and listen as Valerie Darling and Karl Ryder explain "Who We Are", "Who We Help", and the 5-Step Process. Get your free demo today!
All About HomeCareQuote - Watch and listen as Valerie Darling and Karl Ryder explain "Who We Are", "Who We Help", and the 5-Step Process. Get your free demo today!
All About HomeCareQuote - Watch and listen as Valerie Darling and Karl Ryder explain "Who We Are", "Who We Help", and the 5-Step Process. Get your free demo today!

Video Transcript - All About HomeCareQuote

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Valerie Darling, co-founder of HomeCareQuote. Over the course of my career in home care, I’ve seen firsthand a list of the issues that clients, agencies and care professionals face daily.

Lack of transparent pricing, changing patient needs and inconsistent compensation are just a few of the many struggles faced by members of our field. But home care has changed and through my own home care agency, I realize how quickly the industry is developing and how home care is at the forefront of senior care.

Home care is evolving faster than ever before and we saw a need for a technology that can help keep up with the pace and demands of this rapid change.


That’s why we created HomeCareQuote.


What is HomeCareQuote?


It’s a process enabler and a profit accelerator. It’s a patent-pending technology that uses AI learning, that takes the guesswork out of home care needs. It provides agencies and clients with a comprehensive overview of their home care services, while also outlining specific client needs for care professionals.

You may be wondering, what is AI?


What does that mean? Well, basically it’s artificial intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence that is processed through a computer and allows for predictive analysis.

So HomeCareQuote makes the pricing decisions based on pre-entered data and then real-time data.

At HomeCareQuote, the right care, education, and transparency are the names of the game. Transparency and pricing, care needs, and expectations help streamline the process for agencies and provide care clarity for clients and families.

We’ve created a revolutionary tool that has many benefits. Immediately you have an educational tool, you have a home care plan tool, you have a pricing tool and you have a margin improvement tool. So we make it easy for your agency to price, communicate, educate and staff.

You simply complete our five-step intake process and let the AI do the rest. Try out our demo and get your home care quote today.

What is the five-step process?

At HomeCareQuote we came up with a simple solution to a complicated problem. Our simple five-step quote process takes about 10 minutes to complete and at the end, you’ll have a comprehensive PDF of the care plan. Here’s how it works.

  • First, complete the client intake. This includes information like name, phone number, email, care recipient, et cetera.
  • Second, give us some information about the care recipient. This includes all the information relevant to the care needs, the care environment and the care concerns.
  • Third, this section provides specific information about any potential safety risk and events the client has experienced, like falls, ER visits, hospitalization, et cetera.
  • Fourth, now you can finish up with any additional notes and personal information and if necessary, add an additional person to the quote. This is a really great feature for couples.
  • Fifth, Now we view information you put in our system and make sure every detail is accurate. Then click price my quote.

As soon as you hit the button, our patented AI technology gets to work creating a base care portfolio condensed into a simple PDF file.

Every quote has its own unique quote code that is date and timestamp and includes a summary of the base care needs.

The original quote will be the foundation of care for the lifetime of your client and will be the basis for all your future reassessments and evolving care needs.

But the most groundbreaking part of the software is the rate calculation. Our AI assesses the answers in each section and uses that information to complete a full breakdown.

Things such as level of care, diagnosis, acuities, expertise and skills specific to your market.

This is the definition of streamlined operations.

The first technology of its kind to provide agencies with reliable, transparent calculations. We’ve simplified the process so that you can focus on the most important thing, getting clients the care they need.

With the advantage of our AI quote technology, we make it possible to streamline every step of the home care process.

Our goal is simple, to make it easier and more transparent for everyone.

We want to create a more professional home care model, specifically catered and personalized to each client that any agency can use.

What we do makes it easy for agencies and home care professionals to focus on what matters most, the health and actual hands-on care of their clients.

So what can HomeCareQuote do for you?

Everyone can benefit from our quote process.

Clients will have the advantage of a written comprehensive care portfolio created with their treatment in mind, allowing care professionals to better customize care routines to match those needs. A client will also benefit from our pricing transparency. Setting expectations for the cost of care and helping to align clients and agencies with differentiated levels of service.

For the care professional, HomeCareQuote can provide them with a better understanding of their client needs and the dynamic rates of compensation to keep up with the client’s developing needs. Care professionals working with agencies using our quote service can also enjoy an enhanced growth opportunity in the field, better retention rates with their agencies and targeted education opportunities based on the client needs.

What’s exciting is how we help home care agencies. Home care is not a one price fits all model. Our software provides clearly defined levels of care, which simplifies the pricing process for home care services. In my home care agency, it was always a struggle to communicate pricing, changes in the pricing and changing in care needs. We needed to find a better way of educating clients and families about where their family member is in the care spectrum. HomeCareQuote helps solve that.

HomeCareQuote has taken the abstract and turned it into a written summation of a base care plan, care needs and where a care recipient is in the care spectrum.

It is a transparent and dynamic pricing model that follows a client for the entire time they receive services from an agency. It is easy to use, understand and communicate.

We help agencies streamline operations while also delivering a more rewarding customer experience that automatically improves profitability by ensuring you’re being properly paid for the services you’re providing.

Try our free demo today and see how HomeCareQuote can work for you.

Karl Ryder, CEO
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