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Training – What’s Your Home Care Agency’s Approach?

What is your home care agency's approach to training care professionals? Is it a shotgun approach or a marksman approach? Learn more.
Training – What’s Your Home Care Agency’s Approach?

Training – What’s Your Agency’s Approach?

  1. Does your state require your CNA/PCA/HHA’s to complete continuing education units yearly?
  2. Does your agency require continuing education units?
  3. Do you know the top diagnoses of your clients?
  4. Are care staff certifications, training, and specialists’ achievement important to your agency?
  5. What is your approach?
  • Do you provide the education curriculum?
  • Do you provide an education platform?
  • How many hours are required?
  • Can you track it?
  • Do you know what certifications are best for your care staff to attain to take care of your clients?

Shotgun vs Marksman Approach

Shotgun (Open)

  1. No disciplined approach
  2. Take whatever you want?
  3. I’m not sure what the certifications are or available?
  4. Does it include what we need to take care of our clients?
  5. Is anyone a specialist?
  6. What are our competitors doing?

Marksman (with HomeCareQuote)

  1. Disciplined approach
  2. Communicate core curriculum and electives
  3. Specific and targeted training for client needs
  4. Advanced training available for specialist designation
  5. Higher pay opportunities for more skills and certifications
  6. The staff has vested interest in ‘learning for earning’


To learn more about how your Continuing Education program can be more targeted and a better benefit to your care staff and clients by utilizing HomeCareQuote in your Agency, go to & subscribe to a free trial or schedule a free demo today.  It’s just that easy!



Karl Ryder, CEO
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